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We believe that there is no reason why you should not expect style and quality with fashion. Our commitment to our customers starts with that premise and we think the ranges on offer in UrRule reflect that. We are conscious of the need to provide clothes to suit a variety of budgets and an age range to include everyone.

While the saying ‘’apparel doth oft proclaim the man’’ was coined by Shakespeare, it was Mark Twain who much later wrote ‘’clothes make a man’’ although he followed that by ‘’naked people have little or no influence on society.’’ He was probably referring to the important of civilization rather than the style and quality that UrRule brings to you. Make no mistake; our philosophy combines life with good clothes. The well-dressed man gets admiring glances from people of all ages, and both sexes. Our aim is to dress you in such a way that you will get those glances.

Your wardrobe is a reflection of yourself and your character. While we cannot predict fashion changes in the years to come will follow any particular trend, what we can say is that our range of clothing will look good in that wardrobe for years to come.

The fashion industry is vibrant and ever-changing and our intent is to be at the forefront of change without losing sight of the ever-popular clothes that maintain their status within men’s fashion.